Other Photos

Great to have you visit.  It's a bit crude, but a good start to show a few photos and such.

We're in France!  Cristina set up a research opportunity in Toulouse (southern France).  The boys and I are along for the ride.  We’re in a town called Foix, in the Pyrénée Mountains of the Ariège, butting up against Andorra and Spain.  Here’s our local château.  See more of Expedition France.

Our family, shown here in Bandelier NP, New Mexico USA. More photos.

This is a sea whip from the holiday Cristina and I took to the Dominican Republic.  Nice to get out of the snow and cold to warmer climes.

Long ago, Cristina and I had a fun summer trip to Quebec.  This is a husky from a breeding kennel on the top of Mt St. Anne, which he hiked.  More pictures from Quebec and other trips.

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Here's a link to some info about my brother Dave's new-ish job.  He's one of those fancy-schmancy Deans.  Also, take a look at Hilary's website.  Hilary is Dave's wife.
Or go to Cristina's web site.