Family Photos
Some Other Photos

Great to have you visit.  It's a bit crude, but a good start to show a few photos and such.

Our family, shown here in Bandelier NP, New Mexico USA. more of family photos.

This is a sea whip from the holiday Cristina and I took to the Dominican Republic.  Nice to get out of the snow and cold to warmer climes.

Cristina and I had a fun trip to Quebec during the summer.  This is a husky from a breeding kennel on the top of Mt St. Anne, which he hiked.  More pictures from the Quebec trip and from other trips.

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Here's a link to some info about my brother Dave's new job.  He's one of those fancy-schmancy Deans.  Also, take a look at Hilary's website.  Hilary is Dave's wife.
Or go to Cristina's web site.